Dead Media Project

The Dead Media Project consists of a database of field Notes written and researched by members of the Project's mailing list.

The Dead Media List consists of occasional email to that stout band of souls who have declared some willingness to engage in this recherche field of study.

For more information on the purpose of the project, please read Bruce Sterling's Dead Media Manifesto. For more information on the mailing list, including how to join, please read the Frequently asked questions.

The Dead Media Working Notes

The collection of dead media working notes is the purpose of the mailing list; the accumulated, archived, (and now collated!) collection of submissions from list members; an ad hoc database of the deceased, the slowly-rotting, the undead, and the never-lived media.

Other Dead Media websites
  • The Dead Media Project site at Griffith Multimedia. One of the authors told me that he and others listed in the credits for the site, are no longer actively involved in its maintenance. Quite lovely nonetheless.
  • Last, but hardly least, Bruce Sterling's home page contains many dead-media related things, including >>gasp<< gopherspace.

-- Tom Jennings, tomj at deadmedia dot org