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Dead medium: The Experiential Typewriter
From: (Bradley O'Neill)

EXPERIENTIAL TYPEWRITER: Built by Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert (Ram Dass) in the winter of 1962-1963, Cambridge, Mass. An instrument for recording and charting the psychedelic experience.

As cited in _Flashbacks_ by Timothy Leary, 1983, 1990; Putnam Publishing Group, New York. LC# BF109.l43A3 1990

p. 156

"The purpose of the ET was to deal with the 'words cannot express' aspects of accelerated-brain experience. The subject could indicate any of various levels of consciousness that they were unable to describe at the moment by pressing the appropriate buttons on the typewriter. The signal was recorded on a revolving drum, much the way temperatures are graphed in meteorological stations. After the session, when consciousness was operating at slower speeds, the subject would have leisure to examine the recorded data and describe the sequence of events fully and precisely."

I'd like a more detailed account of this curiosity, as Dr. Leary does not elaborate in _Flashbacks_. But it's definitely dead.

Regards, Bradley