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Dead medium: Kids' interactive television: "Captain Power"
From: (Lauri Christopher Gardner)
Source(s): Marvel "Amazing Spiderman" comics issue #300, May 1988

I remember when I was in the U.S in 1987, I played a game

called "Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future." It

was a game that came on VHS videotape. You used a

starship-shaped gun to fire at the screen; when you were

hit, you "died," causing the canopy, pilot, and the chair

to eject, thereby ending the game. In many ways this game

was heads above others, especially considering how good

the graphics were.

Here's the advertisement:



"Lord Dread(tm) is threatening the future of the

human race! Captain Power(tm) battles him in every week

on TV and he needs your help.

"Grab your PowerJet XT-7(tm)... Fire invisible beams

at enemy targets on his TV show...and SCORE! Or be hit!

"This is not a test. The TV show WILL FIRE BACK!

"Sure, you're good...but are you *great*?

Get Captain Power interactive videotapes with three

different skill levels. Practice with the PowerJet XT-7.

And practice some more.

"Are you going to help Captain Power and the Soldiers

of the Future(tm)? Or are you just going to stand there?

"The Power of the future is in your hands!"

Special 25th Anniversary Issue

300 issue of the Amazing Spider-man

May, 1988

The game was done by Mattel.

Lauri Christopher Gardner (