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Dead medium: Baird Projection Television
From: From: (Richard Kadrey)
Source(s): Tim Onosko, *Wasn't the Future Wonderful?,* Dutton (p. 88)

(((The articles in the book were taken from Modern Mechanics magazine articles published between 1930-37. Unfortunately, few of the individual articles carry a date, so it's hard to pinpoint the exact year ==RK)))

"Television Shown In Theaters

"Television in theaters, already a success in England, may soon entertain American audiences. Just opened in a New York office building, a demonstration 'theater' exhibits the Baird system used abroad, which throws brilliant images as large as fifteen by twenty feet upon the screen. Installed in a number of British theaters, it offers televised news scenes to supplement regular movie shows, and all-television shows of major sporting events.

"Occupying the center of the theater, the projection booth contains all the essential apparatus and controls, except for a special receiving aerial on the roof and high-tension power supply from a 50,000 volt rectifier. One of its two receiver-projectors serves as a stand-by, in case of tube failure, while the other is in operation. Each set employs twenty-seven tubes, including a cathode- ray tube of new design, whose intensely bright four-by- five-inch image is magnified by the projection lens. From the same booth, the operator controls the accompanying sound and all the stage lights."

Richard Kadrey