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Dead medium: Cash carriers
From: (Larry Schroeder)
Source(s): Audel's Mechanical Dictionary, 1942 copyright, 1948 reprinting, page 108:

(((bruces remarks: In Dead Media Working Note 21.2, I expressed my puzzlement about "Brown's cash carrier," a dead physical transfer system which was apparently common circa 1900 in large stores and other enterprises. Three Necronauts have offered well-informed comments about "cash carriers.")))

"Cash Railway. A light aerial railway, erected in stores to carry money or light parcels to and from different parts of the establishment."

The 1956 5th Edition ARCHITECTURAL GRAPHIC STANDARDS references only pneumatic conveyor systems, so the cash carrier appears to have been unessential, if not dead, technology by 1956. I was also interested to note a paper- only form of the pneumatic carrier system that employed tubes of rectangular section and no carrier at all. The paper was folded to 5 1/2"x2 3/8" with one end folded up to act as a sail. This could be used with either a vacuum or pressure system.

Larry Schroeder