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Dead medium: The Teleplex Morse Code Recorder
From: From: Howland)
Source(s): QST Magazine ("Devoted Entirely to Amateur Radio"), 1930 to 1933 == Advertisements

(((December 1930)))

(((Drawing of an ear))) "All You Need to Learn Telegraphy" (((Drawing of a hand)))
"Morse or Continental
"With Teleplex

"Guaranteed to teach the world's most fascinating profession == by hearing real messages == sending them

"Interesting == simple == you learn quickly == at HOME

"Teleplex is the Master Teacher.

"Used by the U S Army, Navy and reading, radio and telegraph schools. "*Write for folder Q-12*

"Teleplex Company
"76 Cortland Street, New York"

(((A small drawing shows the Teleplex. It is a box with an open hinged lid. Inside are two reels (paper, I believe, from thumbing through other copies of QST at the bookstore). On one side is a Victrola-type crank. Wires lead out to a set of ear phones and a telegraph key. If I have to venture a guess as to size, judging from the headset and the telegraph key I'd say about 8" high by 10" wide by 8" deep. The reels look to be about an inch or so wide, and maybe three inches in diameter. I assume that winding the crank must have both A) turned the reels and B) generated the electricity to record and play back the signal.)))

(((February, 1932)))

"The HAND That Encircles The WORLD" (((Drawing of hand on telegraph key)))


"The man who knows the code is in touch with the world. Become an expert operator, make big money. LEARN IN YOUR OWN HOME == easily, quickly with the TELEPLEX == *the Master Teacher.*

"Entirely new code course in 12 rolls of tape. During the last ten years, TELEPLEX has trained more operators than all other methods combined.

"*Write for folder Q-2*

"Teleplex Co.
"76 Cortland Street. New York"

(((Same drawing of Teleplex as above)))

(((February, 1933)))

"New Way to Learn the Code At Home

"Make Your Own Records

"Easy to Make and Easy to Read with The NEW MASTER Teleplex

(((Photo shows innards of Teleplex; just a bunch of levers that don't tell me much.)))

"The only instrument ever produced that will *record your own sending* in visible dots and dashes and then *repeat it to you audibly* on headphones. Revolutionizes the teaching of code == makes learning easy, fascinating and rapid. No experience required. *Designed for U. S. Signal Corps.* Marvelous say radio and electrical engineers. *Loaned with Complete Code Course without additional cost.* Write today for folder Q-14 giving full details.

"Teleplex Co.
"76 Cortland Street, New York City"

(((Notice how the ad copy calls it "New," while the 1932 ad says it's been in use for "the last ten years." Also note that it is "loaned" rather than sold, probably because once you learned code, you wouldn't need it anymore.)))

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