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Dead medium: Minifon Pocket-size Wire Recorder
From: (Richard Kadrey)

Source(s): E. Molloy, general editor, "Radio and Television Engineers' Reference Book," 1954, George Newnes Ltd. (pages 46-65, 46-66)

"The Minifon P55 pocket-size magnetic-wire recorder (manufactured in Germany and marketed in the United Kingdom by EMI) is a notable example of miniaturization in the recording field. The recorder provides up to 5 hours continuous recording/playback; a choice of two recording speeds (9.1 in. and 4.55 in./second) is provided and the ratio of forward to re-wind speed is 1:6. The motor operates from 6-12 volt D.C. sources, and the layer-built 12-volt dry battery has an approximate life of 10-15 hours; alternatively, the Minifon P55 may be operated from a miniature accumulator (capacity 12-15 hours), or a transformer-rectifier (110/220 volts A.C.). The dimensions of the recorder are 1 9/16 in. x 3 15/16 in. x 6 11/16 in.; the weight, including batteries, is 2 lb."

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