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Dead medium: Paper Magnetic-Recording Tape
From: (Richard Kadrey)

Source(s): E. Molloy, general editor, "Radio and Television Engineers' Reference Book," 1954, George Newnes Ltd. (pages 46-65, 46-66)

"A low-price magnetic-recording tape has been introduced by the General Electric Co. It is manufactured by Salford Electrical Instruments Ltd. and sold under the trade name of 'Puretone.' It is a paper-based material with an output frequency response which compares favorably with those of plastic tapes costing almost twice as much.

"The new tape is wound on specially designed plastic spools slotted to facilitate rapid threading. The 1,200- ft. reels gives 32 minutes playing time at 7 1/2 in./second. Twin-track recording is also possible. Highest-grade oxide with a particle size from 0.5 to 1.5 m is used in the magnetic coating. The base consists of a high-quality super-calendered Kraft paper.

"The coating has a high-gloss finish, which, coupled with the addition of a lubricant, greatly reduces the friction and wear on the recorder heads. On a typical recorder the response curve us substantially flat within plus-or-minus 1db over a range of frequencies from 50 c/s to kc/s. The tensile strength is about 6 lb. breaking strain, with a coercive force and remanence of 220 oersteds and 700 gauss respectively."

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