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Dead medium: "Sound Bites" musical candy
From: (Trevor Blake)

Source(s): softball business press coverage (((bruces remarks: okay, this music-producing candy isn't "dead media" yet, but one really has to wonder if the world is ready for this "collectible candy experience.")))

"Hasbro Sound Bites == You Have to Try It To Believe It; Revolutionary Lollipop Lets You Hear Music Inside Your Head

"NEW YORK (Feb. 11) BUSINESS WIRE == Feb. 11, 1998 == Toy Fair is filled each year with innovative products that entertain children and families == but never before has the world experienced a toy that delivers sounds 'inside your head.'

"Sound Bites(TM) is being unveiled at the 1998 Toy Fair in New York City, and the early reaction is music to Hasbro's ears.

"Based on proprietary technology developed by Sound Bites, LLC., the new toy-candy sensation sends safe sound vibrations through a standard lollipop. When a person bites on a lollipop that has been inserted in a Sound Bites, the sound vibrations travel through the teeth to the inner ear, where they are heard just like normal sounds. Audible primarily to the eater, the effect is the magic of hearing sounds inside your head.

"'It's rare to find a truly original product that is a sure winner,' said senior toy industry analyst Sean McGowan of New York-based Gerard Klauer Mattison. 'The possibilities for line extensions are practically limitless.'

"The Sounds Bites has four buttons that, when pushed, mix and match the sound selection. The holder is compatible with most standard lollipops. The first Sound Bites will be available nationwide at specialty and national retailers in May, with more extensive, global distribution later in 1998. Sound Bites will retail for approximately $9.99 in the U.S.

"'We began showing Sound Bites to our retail trade last week, and the response is phenomenal,' said Dan D. Owen, President of Hasbro's Emerging Business Group, which includes Hasbro's OddzOn subsidiary. OddzOn will distribute and market Sound Bites. 'You have to experience Sound Bites to believe it,' Mr. Owen said.

"There are six different versions of Sound Bites. First introductions include three musical themes == guitar, drum and saxophone; and three special effects versions, with cartoon voices, space noises and fun voices.

"Sound Bites' proprietary technology was co-invented by Andrew Filo, an accomplished Silicon Valley engineer, and David Capper, a veteran toy industry entrepreneur whose track record and experience ranges from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe to the Koosh(R) brand. Sound Bites, LLC. has filed numerous patent applications to protect its revolutionary new technology.

"'Sound Bites is a collectible candy experience that appeals to boys and girls of all ages,' said Capper, the President of Sound Bites, LLC. 'We see enormous potential for Sound Bites, with virtually unlimited line extensions tied to holidays, movies, sports, television and music, to name a few. If it makes a sound, Sound Bites can put it right inside your head.'


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