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Dead medium: Naragansett Drum Rocks
From: (Alan Wexelblat)
Source(s): Boston Globe, April 3, 1998 According to an item in the 3 April Boston Globe, the Narragansett Trail (a New England historical and recreational way) has several examples of 'drum rocks.' Supposedly (I have not investigated first-hand) these rocks emit a "booming sound when jumped upon. The Narragansett Indians used drum rocks to summon others, give information, and mark trails. Legend has it that a sound from a drum rock could be heard up to 35 miles away."

The Globe's brief blurb notes that rocks were used by "leaders of the Indian nation, including their sachem, tribal medicine men, elders, and even spirits of the ancestors." Curious necronauts might contact John Brown, tribal historic preservation officer of the Narraganset Indians (reservation near Charleston, R.I.), or the Warwick Historical Society, which is apparently responsible for labeling the drum rocks found on this trail.

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