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Dead medium: the Pigeon Post
From: (Candi Strecker)
Source(s): Mystery Date fanzine by Lynn Peril, issue #6

Great Moments in Dead Media History

An enchanting nugget from the new issue (No. 6) of my friend Lynn Peril's zine, *Mystery Date*, from her article "Lift and Separate: the Bra Story:"

"Bra manufacturers faced shortages during World War II, as nylon, rubber, silk and other necessary fabrics were requisitioned for the duration. One company, MaidenForm, took up the slack by making vests for carrier pigeons."

(((bruces remarks: it's hard to beat this anecdote as an odd social byproduct of a dead media industry. But is it true? While carrier pigeons saw a great deal of action during World War One, I have no data at all on any World War Two pigeons; much less flocks of pigeons so vast in extent that they could plausibly occupy the idle factories of MaidenForm.)))

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