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Dead medium: Vinyl Record with Zoetrope
From: (Bill Burns)

Source(s): Wolverine Antique Music Society:

In 1956, Morgan Development Laboratories, Inc. in Westport, Connecticut, made 78 RPM records with zoetrope- style images on the label.

The manufacturer called them "Red Raven Movie Records." The oversize label has sixteen images, which create a Zoetrope-style moving image when viewed in a mirror device placed on top of the record. The web site has animated GIFs of three of the records, plus RealAudio files which can be played while viewing the GIFs == a very effective presentation of this double dead-media format.

A quote from the site:

"On the Red Raven Movie Records, the 16 image cycle, (in that image one begins where image 16 left off) is printed on the outer two inches of the larger-than-normal label. When the Red Raven mirror device is placed on the turn table atop one of these 'Movie Records' the images appear to move. Of course there are 16 mirrors aligned at an angle to the surface of the record, which does the same job that the slits in the (((Zoetrope))) cylinder did."

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