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Dead medium: Military Pigeoneers of World War Two: Pigeons by Parachute
From: (Bruce Sterling)

Source(s): War Department Technical Manual TM-11-410, "The Homing Pigeon." War Department, U. S. Government Printing Office, January 1945

page 58

"36. Delivering Pigeons by Parachute

"a. EQUIPMENT. Parachute equipment PG-100/CB consists of a collapsible, cylinder-type, 4-bird container and a 6- foot hemispherical baseball-type parachute with a quick release clip. Parachute equipment PG-101/CB is of similar design except that the container has an 8-bird capacity and is attached to a 9-foot parachute. This equipment is specifically designed to supply initially or to resupply pigeons to infantry parachute troops, infantry glider troops, or any isolated forces requiring delivery of pigeons by air.

"b. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE. To insure safe delivery of the pigeons, caution must be observed when attaching containers to the parachutes. The instructions printed on each parachute pack should be strictly adhered to.

"c. RESULTS. Best results will be obtained when pigeons are launched between the altitudes of 200 and 1,000 feet with air speed not exceeding 125 miles an hour. Pigeons launched within these general limits are less likely to become lost because of excessive drift. The possibility of injury to the birds from high speed air rushing through the container, or from shock when the parachute opens, will be reduced to a minimum."

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