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Dead medium: Bibliocadavers
From: (Jim Thompson) Wexelblat)

Source(s): Atlantic Monthly, September 1998, page 24 in "Notes and Comment" by Cullen Murphey

"A Kentucky bookbinder and printer, Timothy Hawley Books, offers a line of what it calls bibliocadavers == handsomely bound volumes whose blank or printed pages are created from a pulp containing the ashes of a loved one."

(((Jim Thompson remarks: "And folks, don't lick your finger to turn the pages.")))

(((bruces remarks: Messrs Wexelblat and Thompson, working separately, have done us all a service in unearthing this Poe-like literary gem. The Bibliocadaver pegs the Cahill Meter. For a true collector's frisson, one should mix in the ashes of the book's deceased author.)))

Jim Thompson ( Alan Wexelblat (