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Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 12:06:06 -0800 (PST)
Dead medium: Cash Carriers (intra-building)
From: (Stephen Herbert)
Source(s): personal experience

"Cash carriers" == these are still talked of fondly by an older generation in Britain, (were used at least until 1940). Cash inside small cylinders (not cars, exactly) suspended by screw tops was whisked along wires to a central cashier, who sent the change back by the same route. I suppose this was so that, of the many attendants in a large store, only a very few were given the responsibility of dealing with cash. Saved on not having numerous cash registers around as well, I suppose. Can occasionally be seen in action in old British movies. Stephen Herbert

(((bruces remarks: I also received a number of helpful comments referring to the Marx Brothers film "The Big Store" as a film that displays a cash carrier in action. So far, we would appear to have no less than *five* cash carriers: the Brown system (whatever that may have been), the "light aerial railway," the cotton-cord conveyor belt, the British wire-and-cylinder system, and a weird pneumatic variant that blew paper around without a container. Not to mention that Marx Brothers device. It seems clear to me now that there was an entire class of mechanical transfer systems == perhaps best classified as "private mail systems?" == that were once used to convey cash, receipts, and other business documents. I eagerly await the discovery and documention of yet more dead "cash carriers.")))