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Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 16:01:07 -0700 (PDT)
Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2000 20:10:49 -0600
From: Bruce Sterling
Dead medium: Obsolete television (historic content)
Source(s): NTKnow mailing list,

[Editor's note: I just minutes ago rejected a proposed Note for its subject not qualifying as a dead medium; though while television is hardly dead, snapshots of very early TV is sufficiently alien and weird that it might help future necronauts once TV does actually die (everything dies, even TV).]

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>> TRACKING << sufficiently advanced technology : the gathering

One of the eeriest areas of the Net to stumble on at 4am is the engineering nostalgia pages of the TRANSDIFFUSION NETWORK. A thirty-seven year old archive begun by a nationwide collective of schoolboys, maintained by the men they became, Transdiffusion collects the idents, logos, and general desiderata of long dead television companies. Essays on "the presentation manager as chef"; blurred clips of a junior John Humphries from the sixties; echoey MP3s trailing long dead shows; and urgent messages from RTE ordering viewers to turn off their televisions, in case the local powerstation collapsed from the strain - it's all here. And now, we're told the mailing list wing of the wider gang of obsessives MHP-Chat ("the list that discusses anything on TV except the programmes (idents, widescreen glitches, test cards, etc.") is offering a free copy of Volume 2 of the Tansdiffusion CD archive to its own members. Our correspondent writes: "It would seem uncontentious to flag this, since I hardly think anyone would join a TV engineering list in bad faith, simply to lay their hands on such a CD". There's no bad faith within 625 lines of this place. - i think i'm going to burst into tears - 404 Errors of the Ancients