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Dead medium: Refrigerator-Mounted Talking Note Pad
From: (Trevor Blake)

The Talking Note Pad is around three inches high, one deep and eight long. It is constructed of white plastic, with a small clear plastic hinged compartment, one large red Message Waiting button, one small gray on/off button, one L-shaped Record slider, a volume knob, a microphone and a speaker. It was powered by four AA batteries. The Record slider causes the Message Waiting button to pop out. The Talking Note Pad is labeled as follows: "PATENTS PENDING / MAVERICK IND. INC. / UNION NJ 07083 / USA TN-100 SERIES / MADE IN TAIWAN."

Magnets were apparently mounted on the back so the Talking Note Pad could be affixed to refrigerator doors.

The most significant feature of the Talking Note Pad is the 20 Second Tape beneath the clear plastic Delorian- like hinged door. The tape is approximately one inch by one inch by 1/4 inch. The ribbon inside is very close to if not identical in width to a standard cassette ribbon, and is wound in a central-feed loop like an 8-Track or radio station cart. The Tape is removable, and labeled as follows: "20 SECOND TAPE / #88020 Made in Taiwan / MAVERICK INDUSTRIES INC. / UNION NJ 07083 USA."

It seems unlikely that this 20 Second Tape component was used in many other recording/playback devices, if any at all.

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