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Dead medium: The CED Video Disc Player
From: (Dan Howland)
Source(s): the CURRENT catalog of Fair Radio Sales, 1016 E. Eureka St. P.O. Box 1105, Lima OH 45802, (419) 223-2196, 227-6573, FAX (419) 227-1313.

"VIDEO DISC PLAYER "SGT-100W RCA VIDEO DISC PLAYER with CED (capacitance) pickups; plays video discs like record player plays LP records. Unit is 'play only' device and discs must be 'flipped' to Side 2 for complete play. Functions FOR-REV for 'Rapid Access' & 'Visual Search' plus 'Pause.' This manually-loaded CED-type player will NOT play laser-type video discs. 6x17x16, 24 lbs sh.

"Used-operational, but some adjustments may be required! $33.00"

"SGT-100W, 'AS-IS complete, not tested,' just as we find it! May be it will work and maybe it will not! NO RETURNS! $16.00"

"USED CED VIDEO DISCS for use with above; titles as recent as 1985. Write for list! Discs may have 'blip-skips' during play. If intolerable, advise us within 10 days of intent to exchange; 2 lbs sh. Used, $10 each. 2-disc movies, $15.00/set.

"AS-IS DISCS, not tested--NO RETURNS! $5 ea."

(((The CED disks themselves resemble giant floppy discs, approx 12" square (but a wee bit longer than wide). Like 8-track tapes, another clunky dead medium, the CED discs have a label glued to the plastic shell. Apparently, inside the shell is a grooved (vinyl?) disc.)))