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Dead medium: A Panorama Bibliography
From: Soeren Pold

Dear Bruce,

I've seen your postings on the list about the panorama

with great interest. Here is a bibliography with some

books about the panorama and the like. It is not a

complete list, but a list of works I have used and found

interesting recently in my writing of an article about the



Of course Walter Benjamin is essential. Some of this (the

Baudelaire book) can be found in English too.

Benjamin, Walter: Das Passagen-Werk, Frankfurt/M 1982
Benjamin, Walter: Charles Baudelaire, Suhrkamp,

Frankfurt/M 1974

Norbert Bolz has written a highly interesting book dealing

with among other things the panoramic perception:

Bolz, Norbert: Am Ende der Gutenberg-Galaxis: Die Neuen

Kommunikationsverhtnisse, Munchen 1993

History of the panorama media with some of the documents


Buddemeier, Heinz: Panorama, Diorama, Photographie:

Entstehung und Wirkung neuer Medien im 19. Jahrhundert,

Wilhelm Fink Verlag, 1970

Two very essential works on the panorama. The latter a

catalogue to an exhibition in Bonn with beautiful

illustrations. The first is simply *the* book about the

panorama. With history, development, techniques,

signification etc.:

Oettermann, Stephan: Das Panorama, Frankfurt/M, Syndikat,


Plessen, Marie Louise von & Giersch, Ulrich: Sehsucht: das

Panorama als Massenunterhaltung des 19. Jahrhunderts,

Basel, Frankfurt/M, 1993

Very well written with comparison of the panorama with the

railway. Can be found in English I think:

Schivelbusch, Wolfgang: Geschichte der Eisenbahnreise,

Frankfurt/M 1989

(((This would by Wolfgang Schivelbusch's "The Railway

Journey," a fine book on the social impact of railroads =



About Benjamin and also the panorama:

Buck-Morrs, Susan: The dialectics of seeing, MIT-Press


Jonathan Crary has written a brilliant book about how the

visual machines (stereoscope, phenakisticope etc) changes

the observer's perception:

Crary, Jonathan: Techniques of the Observer: On Vision and

Modernity in the Nineteenth Century, MIT Press Cambridge

Mass, London England 1990

Also in the Benjamin department, dealing with the origin

of the cinematic look and finding it in the panorama and


Friedberg, Anne: Window Shopping: Cinema and the

postmodern, University of California Press, 1993


Dealing with development in visual media and its

importance. Is available in translated editions too:

Paul Virilio: La Machine de Vision, Galilee 1988


Hansen, Gilbert: "Det panoramiske blik" in

"Arkitekturtidsskrift B" nr. 51, Aarhus 1994

My own work on the panorama and Balzac:

Pold, Soeren: Parisisk Panorama, Aarhus 1994

Pold, Soeren: "Panoramisk urbanisering, Paris som medie

hos Balzac og i 1800-tallets realistiske medie-

virkelighed" in "Passage, 22, Aarhus 1996 (in print).

From Denmark but in English:

Zerlang, Martin: "The City Spectacular of the Nineteenth

Century" in Arbejdspapir, 9, Center for Urbanitet og

Estetik, Cph.


Using QuickTimeVR panoramas to show Potsdamer Platz in

Berlin every day:


Macintosh QuickTimeVR:


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