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Dead Media Project
Working Notes arranged by category

This highly flawed index (in both concept and execution) immediately shows just how stupid it is to try to classify media in any way. Which of course makes the job even more interesting. The only definition for media I can come up with is "a method or artifact for storing or generating or transmiting human sensory stimulus" which is so broad it means nothing. Any less and some damned thing gets left out. There has been some discussion of this, see the meta-historical Notes for some further thoughts.

So in this futile attempt to categorize "dead media" I try to stick things in vague categories derived from the human senses. But even this fails as you will see. This is one of those tasks where I discourage suggestions and encourage action; if you can come up with a better scheme (which means: email me an edited copy of this HTML index file!) by all means do so.

Here is the list of new, uncategorized Notes most recently submitted to the list. They will later be hand-placed in this index.

Most recent update: 4 January 2001


Categorized dead media Notes

As-yet unclassified
"Childrens" media
Mechanical calculating or measuring (is this media?!)
18th/19th century contrivances with foolish names (usually inventor ego-stroking)
Electrical/electronic aural
Electrical/electronic symbolic information systems including codes
Electrical/electronic tele-communications (non-internet)
Electrical/electronic visual
Electrical/electronic writing systems (broadly defined)
Obviously foolish technology misuse (aka boy-with-hammer syndrome)
Historical revisionism
Victims of Moore's Law
Non or pre-computer technological symbolic machinery
Non-electrical/electronic aural
Non-electrical/electronic visual
Pre-industrial-age communication
Physical transport "media" (movement of objects)
Writing systems (NOTA)
Not 'dead media'
Electronic computers and calculators
Thomas Alva Edison
Internet related (tread carefully here)
The magic-lantern and variants
Camera obscura and variants
Panorama (more of a cultural phenomenon than a medium, per se)
Photography and non-electrical/electronic still-image recording and reproduction
Pigeons pigeons pigeons!
Pneumatic tubes
Sirens and large-scale public aural signals
Electronic musical